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Homeless Facts

In the 2008 Homeless Count there were AT LEAST 3,062 people homeless in Metro Vancouver.

Since 2002,there has been a shocking 137% increase in overall homelessness and a 373% increase in the number of people sleeping outside. /.


CenturyMen Concert

It was a fabulous concert.

Lovely having so many distinguished &elegant southern gentlemen (dressed in black tuxedos) serenading to us in the sultry voluminous interior of St Andrew’s Wesley Cathedral on a warm summer evening.  Unfortunately,they had a lot of competition with the Folk Festival &the Lion’s game etc.

Highlights for me were the pianist Joseph Joubert &his wife a soloist,Renay Peters Joubert.  She sang crystal clear high soprano with such clarity &with such soaring heights I am sure the crystal on crystal chandeliers would have shattered if there had been any in the Cathedral.

My favorite pieces were Be Still My Soul,Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee,As the Deer,Impossible Dream,Every Time I Feel the Spirit,Guide My Feet &God Be With You.

It was a feast for the eyes &the soul. Dianne