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Homeless Facts

In the 2008 Homeless Count there were AT LEAST 3,062 people homeless in Metro Vancouver.

Since 2002,there has been a shocking 137% increase in overall homelessness and a 373% increase in the number of people sleeping outside. /.


Thoughts on Homelessness

Join us on September 10 as we walk on Downtown Toronto for the march against homelessness here and abroad. The march was setup with the help of a great local rug cleaning company right here in the six aka Toronto. Visit their website at and don't forget to meet up on september 10!

It never occurred to me that I could become homeless.  However,my life changed in a heartbeat when …(to read more,click HERE)

Special –Fallen Soldier

To read the article,click HERE.


… just as the doors  [of the sky train]  were about to shut,a disheveled man wearing glasses and a backpack stepped aboard.

Towering over us,he began to shout.

“Excuse me,ladies and gentlemen. I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Everyone looked up.

I lost my job a few months ago and have been living in a homeless shelter.”

Everyone looked down.

“They put a roof over my head,but I still have to find my own food. I haven’t had a bite to eat all day,and I haven’t had any luck on these trains. I’d really appreciate some loose change or extra snacks,any kind of help.”

When he finished his speech,the man pulled out a shiny little bag,the kind most people use for gifts. He walked through the car,rattling his receptacle in front of person after person — rows of slumped heads,a ritual of somber neglect. Many people pulled the trick of taking out their cellphones and pretending to do something important. I opted for starting a random conversation with my girlfriend — as if the desolation before us couldn’t be seen or heard,so it wasn’t our fault for not helping out. The well-dressed couple across from us had three bags of groceries from Trader Joe’s. The man shuffled by with a longing gaze,but no success.

When he finally reached the end of the car,he cried out,“See,I told you I was having bad luck.” He slumped into a seat,closed his eyes and buried his head in his hands….


Purposeful employment for the people recovering from mental illness is BROKEN!

RESULT – loss of faith in themselves

Often the best therapy is a job.

Career Internship Program …

To learn more,click here:

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[NEW book coming soon … click HERE for the outline]


  • New homeless count numbers show street homelessness declining in Vancouver. Click HERE.
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  • Youth Homelessness:Prevention and Recovery. MORE


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Stories about homelessness …told in videos

We have to figure this out –  Click HERE.

Ending Homelessness in Vancouver –click HERE.

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Homelessness around the world

A report to the United Nations in 2005 stated there were an estimated 100 million homeless people in the world,and an additional 1.6 billion living without adequate housing. Here are some images of homelessness across the globe,collected from wire images this year. — Lloyd Young (The Boston Globe, December 14,2011).

Click on the following countries to learn about the homeless people in the world.

  • Boston,USA
  • New Delhi,India
  • California,USA
  • Reno,Nevada,USA
  • Giza,Egypt
  • Kabul,Afghanistan
More cities around the world. Click HERE.


Spread the word

Join us to spread the word about how we can provide supportive housing for those in need.


Dr. Nancy Hall Endowment Fund

Nancy 4

Dr. Nancy Hall brought new learning and research to the attention of local,provincial,and national health leaders and was a trusted advisor of many organizations. An endowment fund has been set up at Simon Fraser University in Honor of Dr. Nancy Hall. To read more about Dr. Nancy Hall’s contributions,click HERE.


A young person’s view of ‘home’

by Margaret Ovenell.

Where Are Our Homes?

As the wind whistles,

As the rain pours,

As feet pound down the street,

As the cars fly by –

A young girl rushes home. [more …]


Homeless man on street


Spread the word

Join us to spread the word about how we can provide supportive housing for those in need.